Multi-line pin text not working (large dataset?)

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Multi-line pin text not working (large dataset?)

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Hi guys,
many many thanks for such an awesome set of mapping tools. This makes the process of navigating the mysteries of GIS much easier.
I've created a map with 800 pins; data from 2 columns in my GSS are used to produce the Pin Balloon "Title" and "Additional Info" text. Both columns serve up data which is concatenated using HTML line break characters. In addition, the "Title" data includes hyperlinked phone number & email info.

When I view the map, the 'Additional Info" text appears as expected, with lovely line breaks. But the line breaks & hyperlinks don't appear in the "Title" text.

HOWEVER - if I reproduce this map, using a copy GSS that has just one row of data, the line breaks & hyperlinks all appear & function as expected. Both GSS are using exactly the same data structure & concatenation formulae.

The Title text is served up like this: Cleaning Solutions <BR/>Level 1 220 Collins St MELBOURNE   3000<BR/>p: <a href="tel:+61312345678">03 1234 5678 <br/>e: <mailto: link inserted here>

The Additional info text is served as: Mr X<br/>Mrs Y<br/>Miss Z<br/>Mr S<br/>Prof A<br/>Mr P<br/>Dr B<br/>Miss M

This functionality is very important to my project. HELP!!!

UPDATE: After some dabbling, I discovered that the line breaks & hyperlinks get broken in the pin balloons 'Title' text once my GSS gets over 399 rows of data. When I moved all the line-breaks & hyperlinks into the 'Additional Info' text, the line breaks & hyperlinks worked regardless of how many rows are in the GSS. Yay.

THE SOLUTION: My 'Title' text is now all single-row with no hyperlinks. All line-breaks & hyperlinked text now appears in the 'Additional Info' part of the pin balloons, and I'm a happy camper.