addresses with zip codes mapping incorrectly

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addresses with zip codes mapping incorrectly

John C
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I've noticed that an address with a zip code often maps incorrectly.
Here's my data: mapped WITHOUT the zip code field, versus mapped WITH the zip code field.  (using address, city, state)  (using address, city, state, zip)

See aligned screen captures of both maps here:
(Click a thumbnail to view a slideshow and easily spot the differences between the two maps.)

Mapping WITH zip codes, places about half the pins at the wrong locations. In one case, a group of seven all clustered at the same wrong location. (See the almost black pin shadow indicating several stacked pins.)

One would think that including the zip code would yield a more accurate result, but it's turning out just the opposite.

Do you have a better workaround, than to NOT include the zip code?